Symbols are the languages of the soul. A symbol bi-passes the mind and goes direct to the deep recess of the mind. In this work- shop, you will learn about different types of symbols, how to select and draw symbols. Each attendee’s personal symbol will be drawn by connecting with their guides and Rae’s own Higher Presence.

“The symbols which you will work with in this workshop are inspired drawings given to me by Master Kuthumi, Isis II and Lord Serapis Bay. All the symbols have been channeled and each are constructed using ancient sacred geometry. When you are able to tune into the symbols, then you are able to draw forth the essence of the symbols in to you.” In the afternoon, you will learn how to break out of poverty consciousness by constructing a little house of your own, placing a few items like grains of rice, small water bottle, stones, knife, a piece of leather, shells, crystals etc, which communicates to your cells that your basic needs are met. The idea is to move the mind from the limited thinking of survival consciousness to a more expanded view of life. You will also learn how to make your own life map using symbols.

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