Workshops and Spiritual Tours

Rae specializes in small group tours to places of sacred spiritual power throughout the world such as Egypt, Greece and Israel. These tours are not mere vacations, but spiritual expeditions to places that hold high spiritual energy and can help us discover and awaken our spiritual self. These tours have enriched the lives of many and have given them wonderful friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Date   Title

January 4th to 9th
DNA activation Level 1 and Level 2 Dragons and their importance

January 10th to 18th
Fort Myers/USA. DNA activation Level 1 and 2

January 21st and 22nd.
Tokyo/ Japan. Dragons and its importance How to channel - level two

February 4th and 5th.
Melchizedek Mystery school teachings, Tokyo

February 11th
Mahakundalini initiations, and activations, Tokyo

February 15th to 24th.
Singapore. DNA certification course - 4 days - level 1 to 4 Shamanic Practice - two days

February 27th to March 8.
Mumbai/ India. Mahakundalini initiation and activation DNA certification course - 4 days - level 1 to 4

March 10th to 22nd.
Hanoi & Ho Chi Min City/Vietnam. DNA level 1 to 3 Sound healing

March 28 & 29
Tokyo/Japan. DNA level 1 for two days

March 30th to April 9th.
Sacred Pilgrimage to EGYPT

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April 12th to 18th.
Hong Kong. DNA certification course - level 1 to 4 How to Channel workshop

April 19th to May 11.
DNA certification course - level 1 to 4

May 17th to May 27th.
Egypt sacred pilgrimage with Taiwan group

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June 2nd to June 28.
Boston, Great Barrington, New York and Hawaii/ USA. DNA level1 and 2

June 30th to July 8th
Israel sacred Tour

September 2nd to 12th
Beijing/China. Shamanic practice DNA certification course for four days

September 28th to October 4th.
Bangalore/India. MahKundalini initiations and activations

October 6th to 10th
Rishikesh/India Mahakundalini level1 to level 7

October 18th to 22nd.
Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. Mahakundalini initiations and activations