Sound Workshop

This workshop focuses on teaching people how to use sound as an effective tool to help release deep levels of emotional energetic imprints attached to events that manifests as trauma, blockage, dis-ease, and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. It also helps you expand your capacity to ground more light and love within your energy system.

The incredible power and healing capabilities of sound have played a major part in many ancient societies. The Aboriginal people of Australia, the Hathors of Egypt and the Pythagoreans have applied the principles of resonance, entrainment and vibration for healing and raising consciousness. Guided by Archangels and Ascended Masters, Rae will channel a unique blend of multi-dimensional tones and sounds to help attendees release old energy patterns in order to heal inwardly and empower themselves.

All emotions are based on variations of 2 primary emotions - love and fear. Joy, faith, trust, courage are love based emotions, whereas worry, envy, loneliness, hatred and depression are fear based. When a person experiences a strong emotional response to an event, the residual effect from that experience may be stored in their tissues, muscles, ligaments, and auras - depending on the nature of the experience. If these embedded emotions are not released, they attract people and situations into their life who mirror similar vibrations.

As children, we release our emotions instinctively through actions such as yelling, crying, hitting and stomping and we forget about these experiences shortly. But as adults, we have forgotten about the importance of emotional release and a huge amount of energy is spent to keep painful or stressful emotions repressed and buried for decades causing them to be relived again and again through out our lives.

The perfect sound for healing and releasing blocked emotions is through the power of your voice, for it is through your vocals that your Divine Soul is directly expressed. There is no wrong way of making sounds as it is done intuitively by getting out of one's head and into their heart.

Learn where the body holds each of these emotions when they are "unexpressed" and how to dissipate these energetic blockages and holes in your energy field by using hand gestures, movements and toning specific sounds.

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