What Can Soul Symbols Do?

It helps one to bypass the human intellect and logical mind and goes right into the subconscious, unconscious and the super conscious mind. It helps one to break open the doors of limited beliefs held deep within oneself and to set the soul free from the limitations we have built ourselves.


Breathe deeply. Imagine that you are breathing through base chakra and exhaling through your crown chakra. Imagine your life force rising from the base chakra and going up through all your chakras and settling down into your crown chakra. Continue to breath like this at least 7 times. Then invoke the full essence and presence of your mighty I AM Presence. See the essence of your I AM Presence swelling up inside of you and filling you up. Now visualize the healing symbol you wish to work with at the center of your Third Eye. See the symbol pulsating. Now through the power of your intentions, send this pulsing light into your aura and see your aura completely engulfed by this pulsing light.


Now slowly bring this pulsing light in to each of your chakra and see it's pulsing light melting into each of your chakras and filling it up with its pulsing light. Ask that this light removes all the blockages which are preventing you from experiencing the healing you desire. Once you have taken the light throughout your chakras, send the light into your brain area filling the brain with this light. Also send this light into all your four lower bodies - physical body, emotional body, mental body and your spirit body and see all your bodies completely filled with this light. Again with your intentions, send these light into all your bodies - etheric, astral, mental, emotional, casual and spirit body. You can also send this pulsating light into all your other lives - parallel, alternate and multidimensional lives. Do this for the next 45 days. Place your symbol in a place where you can see it for the next 45 days as it takes approximately 45 days for your cells to get the message about your intention for the desired healing.

Cost of making a Soul Symbol is USD 250/- per Symbol.