Shaktipat India Testimonials

FG from Mumbai
Dear Master ,
Dear Family,
Deep gratitude and love to master Rae Chandran for sharing his light. I could Heal many separation of years during this retreat. It was amazing experience of energies. First time I felt deep love inside for myself. I was never been a Priority to me, every time I thought of love previously it was someone else from surrounding. I never give priority to me or my happiness as I have started giving it now.
I am in different space right now and no words available for my true expression.
Today I am letting it happened to me I slept a lot and integration is still going on. I can feel so much old energies beliefs and choices are going out.
I accept and believe myself is my higher truth now. I know any words cannot Express enough what I am feeling right now but I choose to be who I am. Thank you master for making me believe in my truth and choosing who I am.
I am that I am.
I acknowledge each one of you is my supporting energies and find deep gratitude in my heart for you.
Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

NT from Mumbai
Living in grace and gratitude.. Helps fine happiness and miracles in small small events and situations. This morning as always I finished healing and then Aai Na Hooo and San Guu while clearing a bag I found a chit which said dolphin ❤ It actually brought a smile on my face as I don't even remember who gave me and where it came from at that moment but felt acknowledged..

The reason I am sharing this is observing our own life helps bring happiness gratitude forgiveness love compassion peace faith and acknowledgment of our own beings 🙏🙏🙏

Love and blessings to you all

OM from Bengaluru
Dear Master,
Thank You so much for making me feel so special. After all these years I felt acknowledged. Every time You called my name, a flame within me arose. I felt so elated and for the first time I was happy about my existence. You made me feel ME .
No words can describe the gratitude I feel for making me realise what I was and now what I am. As You went on creating magic years of untold memories came back and I was able to get them out of my system. I feel that yet there are a few things that need to go. I am working on that.
Master, I do write poems whenever I go through a phase but I keep it to myself. In fact I don't even read it out to someone.This part of me was dying but now it has awakened One such poem, I had written in the praise of my Lord. This I had shared with someone now I would like to share it with You.

Precious Gifts
Praise Thee O'Lord, for all Your Gifts
Oh! How do I begin, how do I end?
I do not know the beginning and there seems to be no end.
Sun, the golden ball of fire, the source of all energy
The shining mysterious Moon, influencing our lives,
The twinkling stars You decorated up there,
The mountain ranges that run down here.
Streams and rivers, oceans and lakes,
Valleys and plateaus, plains and archipelagos,
Cliffs and capes, beaches and bays,
Islands and lagoons, forest and jungles,
The beautiful geysers and glaciers to contrast
The vast expansion of the mystifying deserts
The prairies and steppes, the savanna and pampas,
Close here, the glorious Great Rann of Kutch
Alas! the list is endless, one would gasp for breath
Oh! The unfathomable gifts on earth.
And Wow! above all, the gift of Life You gave me.
A lifetime is not enough to praise Thee O'Lord
Hail Thee O Lord! Hail Thee!!

Thank You, Master
With deep reverence and love,

DN from USA
Mt dear Master Omran,
Another magical experience with all the magical masters in India. Thank you so very much

I believe a major understanding has been revealed to me that indeed has blocked my spiritual progress. This insight has probably been one of the greatest gifts given to me and with this insight a monumental block has been recognized in all its glory! Thank you.

There is much more to be uncovered and embraced.

I arrived home and slept for 18 hours. Lisa was a little concerned, but I think much integration was and is taking place. Again, many thanks.

Smile with your heart and let your light shine!