Private Channeling

A private trance channeling session with Rae is always a very special experience. Rae steps aside to allow you to communicate directly with highly evolved beings and spirit teachers with very little filtering of information. Anything can be asked at a channeling session; questions regarding one's health, life's path, business decisions, questions regarding deceased loved ones, relationships, etc. You will be shown the different possibilities and potentials to life's situations and problems so that you can be better prepared to handle it.

"I show my clients the different possibilities and potentials and let them decide as everybody has free choice. In this way, they will want to have the intent to heal or balance themselves so that they can grow. I try to avoid telling them what to do. I just show them all the possibilities, so that they can have more choices to make. Many of the channeling sessions are deeply eye opening and often very insightful. I do not know which energy may come through me to speak to people. It depends on the individual who is getting the channeling done. Many a time, it is Isis, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Amma, Archangel Michael, Lord St.Germain or other Beings of light."

The energy exchange for a private channeling session is US $ 250 or Euro 200 Channeling session can be set up with in one week after the order is made. Payment can be made through Paypal or through Bank Telegraphic Transfer.