The stirring of the Soul had begun
And in this I rubbed my eyes
And I saw myself as a beautiful Rose fully radiant and blooming
And out came the butterflies and the bees to drink the nectar from my being

I rejoiced in this
As this love I was offering was limitless and uplifting
And then came the wind who whispered in my ear
And together we travelled far carrying this essence of mine
To the farthest corners of the earth and way beyond

The birds and the entire nature kingdom danced in this pure essence of mine And I became one with this dance
Out came the Gods and Goddess and we celebrated the Divine within us in our stillness and in our beingness
Me and the Gods became one 
For we were always One 
And Always will be One
And the Universe exploded in joy in this moment creating sparkles of light which created more Universes and more light 

And my essence embraced it all and in this I BECAME ONE WITH ALL.

I am Uruumm
I am Thurrum
I am Martin
I am Sarum

I am Mei
I am Tei
I am Tho
I am Hei
I am Yo

I Am I Am I Am