In the Sacred Moment of now, I realized who I was
I was a particle of Light, who danced upon the Stars 
And the Cosmos was my playground and I was birthed 
From the heart of the Creator, With all the essences of the Creator itself
I burst forth, in all my glory to express and experience all that I was 
In this sacred moment of Now
For this moment was all that was there
It contained all moments and I became the Star,
Then a mighty eagle who could fly across the ocean and sea
And I desired to experience the Great particle of the Capstone of the Great Pyramid
And also, the dust of the root of the mighty Oak Tree
And in becoming all this I expanded,
And I rejoiced in my expression of who I am
And I decided to express myself as a human and when I put forth this intent,

A kindred soul like me jumped forward and willingly offered its womb
For me to manifest My desire to be a human
And I made my way to the Blue Jewel called Gaia
to create more and express more
I longed to once again be the free expression of who I am
And I am moving forward to that expression of mine
Which once again can dance on the Stars 
My cosmic dance is leading me back once again to the Heart of the Creator for I am Going Home which is Fully into Myself.

Feb 3,2019