Dedicated to Sister Anne Choo Lao

In the waking moments of my eternal existence 
I yearned for truth and beauty and I searched for it far and wide, 
I crossed the great oceans and the gigantic mountains
I walked through the great jungles looking for my truth
For deep inside I knew I will find it if I looked deep within
There was a key to it to open this Treasure chest within me

And I was looking for the locksmith to help me open this treasure within me
I looked far and wide for this great man this locksmith and after months of wandering and anguish I found him
He was Master Buddha and I took refuge in him and pleaded with him to help me open my treasure
Buddha lovingly smiled and said - my dear you have come….
Out came my tears and I knelt in reverence at Buddha’s feet
He gently touched me on my forehead and I saw glimpses of Universes and stars all glistening and dancing in rhythm
And I was part of that dance, that I was that I Am and in this I realized who I Am and I Am Buddha

I am Aditta,
I am Anne.

Lovingly dedicated to our precious loving and caring Sister Anne Choo Lao

Feb 8,2019
The day of her visit to the temple of Kandy in Sri Lanka