The magician waved his hand and out came sparkles of light
It danced in my hands and into my heart, and magically carried me into the heavens where the Gods dance and weave the magic of creation

And what do I behold?

Creation in process of a new world filled with love, joy and peace
I danced to the holy symphony which was being played
The Holy Angels and the choir sang - let us behold this new world
For we can dream it into being and I became part of the Creative process

  My heart burst forth with love and wonder inside me
My body sang, my Soul Song and thus I created my signature to be imprinted in this Grand Universe

GOD jumped and danced along with me and whispered in my ear - WE ARE ONE AND ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Then I realized that I am the Universe, The Earth And Heaven and all in between.

I am I am I am

Rae Chandran
Dec 30, 2018