In the wandering of the mind
I clearly heard the chatter of my Thoughts
And I wondered aloud, 
Is this mine or someone else?

I stood in silence pondering this 
And again, I heard the chatter, 
But this time, it was much softer and gentler, and I called out –
Is this mine or whose is it?
And only silence answered me,

Silence whispered in my ear 
Be still and know that You are God
And I said what is that,
And Silence answered me 
In the stillness, there is movement, vibration, sound, Colors
Rebirth and death and new creation
And this I understood,
As the seed know itself to be in this surrender,
So that it could grow and fulfill its dharma
And in this knowingness, I became silent, Free, peaceful and Joyous
For I have found my path, my dharma.

Rae Chandran
Dec 31,2018