Earth Mother I bow down to you,
For you carried me in your womb for millennia
To raise me and teach and guide me
You gave me my body and nourished me with your bountiful offerings
of food, goodness and love
You gently warm me and caress me with your gentle warmth of moon and sun
And the gentle whisper from the wind and the rain
And all else for you were teaching me through silence and service
that we are all ONE
And we are our brother’s keeper and love is all there as.  

In this momentous occasion when we move from slumber to awakening
I bow down and simply say NEHATMAYE (love and thank you) for through you,
I have found me, and the Divine awakens with me
so that I may again see the world through this divine eye
and may only see beauty and grace in all of your creation and within me.