In the dance of life
joy and happiness dance hand in hand,
mixed with tears and sorrow,
and in this mixing, one grows
and becomes strong and courageous
for in this, there is great learning and
remembrance and healing and transformation
and this becomes the story of our life
which we will plant firmly on the ground
and the legacy we leave will sprout once again
from the seeds we had planted and it will grow
into a gigantic tree which will bear great fruits.

Life is dance and dance is life and
how we dance in this life determines who we are?
Victim or otherwise,

In the stillness of the dance when you breath,
you will hear the soft beat of your heart
and in this you will feel comfort and love,
so come back my brothers and sisters
to the stillness of your heart, for there
is solace and contentment in this space.

In the painting of your soul's portrait,
you dip into the vastness of your still heart
and bring forth into the canvas of life,
your immeasurable beauty and grace,
for you are beauty and grace and God Indeed.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran