Beterayal of oneself and others is a sin
you are committing on yourself
for in self denial of yourself and others,
you are going against the engrained rules of the Universe.

Betrayal of yourself means, you do not love and trust yourself
nor respect yourself,
when there is no respect, there is no love and forgiveness
and when there is no love and forgiveness,
then one is living a life of untruth
and when one lives not in truth,
one is not in harmony with oneself and others
and when there is no harmony with in oneself.
then the world may seem a cruel place
and when you feel this with in you,
then you attack others mercilessly and vigorously
and when you do this, you are displaying your
hungry nature and hurtful nature and when you do this,
you are showing the world world this is who you are
for your life is a message.

What is your message today? Is it for trusting and love and faith
or is it something else,
for in defining yourself through your actions, you are
writing on the body of Earth, your contract and
as the seed is sowed, it will come to pass one day
for this is the rhythm of the Universe itself.

So betray not, nor harm others, for in the self definition of yourself,
be a beacon of light and a guiding hand
and in this, you are displaying your divinity and Godliness.

So journey on my friend, in this endless streams of eterntity
but in the beauty and love of your Soul,
for that is who you are and ever will be

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran