Who is a leader,
is he the one who leads by force?
or is he the one leads by example?

Every one is a leader,
for the qualities of leadership is embedded in each heart.
Seek it and claim it and be it
and in this you will show your mettle and shine,
A leader is who is in the forefront and leads by example and choice
and allows the others who are behind him the choice to follow or
create their own road and find their own path.

Seek not the glory in leadership
but be a humble servant in the knowingness that
in the kingdom of God, every one is equal and none is to be belittled,
for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

A leader is courageous and brave
and not afraid to stand in his truth and conviction,
but not in a truth which is cemented, but a truth
which can be looked upon, examined, refined and modified.
A leader is who acknowledges his mistakes and
laughs at his own follies and owns upto it,
never blaming any one or God,
but knowing that his acceptance of failure is an
act of humanness and forgiveness.

Awaken the leader with in you and ask yourself
what are you capable with your leadership qualities
and how you will manifest these with the highest intent
so that the people whose lives you touch and those
who cross your path is empowered and uplifted.

Do not sit in your moral judgement of others in your leadership position
but seek to understand and be a guiding light,
for you do not know their soul's path.
So welcome all in your leadership positon
for they are all just like you, in the pursuit of truth and happiness
and all are angels bearing a special gift for you and others.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran