Valentine Song

Like the wind gently brushing our cheek,
your smile gently touched and lifted my heart
and I looked up and saw the innocent beauty in your eyes
and your eyes silently spoke of the eternal love.

This love I have been searching and seeking
through out my life and now I have found you,
it takes my breath away and my heart gently
giggles and breathes a sigh of relief
for in this love, i have found refuge and solace,
comfort and nurturing.

This is the love that God and Goddess spoke of
and celebrated in myths and stories
and carved in stones and blissful music and
awesome paintings and innocent playful things.

I hold this love dear in my heart and
my inner core explodes in ecatsy and blissfullness
and I dance my body to this rhythm of music
for love is music, love is laughter, love is caring and compassion,
love is forgiving, love is strength and inner valour,
love is the sound of the gentle brooks, the singing of the birds,
the humming of the bees, the gentle smile of a child, and the
gentle touch of a caressing hand and much more.

I celebrate this love with you today my beloved,
for I am in Love with God and all of humanity
for in discovering this love with you, I have lit my own
inner fire of love.