Angels, what are they? Aren't they God's helpers helping humanity
All scriptures speak about them and they have been here supporting humanity for eons of time
And each and every one of you have your own personal Angels
And when you call on them, they will be with you in a flash
Supporting you and guiding you in more ways than you can imagine

Angels are without colours and wings,
For they are the pure embodiment of Love
In service to humanity and others 
And they have been serving the Earth and humanity for millennia.

Angels sing a beautiful harmony and their celestial voice can uplift all who hears it
They are present, when one is born and also when one leaves,
For they are here to comfort you in your pain and sorrow.
Invite them into your home and life & see your life shift and change for the good,
For their only desire is to help and support you in all you do.

There are angels for all,
There are angels of seasons and colours,

Angels of rainbow and rain,
Angels of fish and fowl
Angles of animals and birds
Angels of earth and the stars
Angels of business and commerce and wellbeing.

Angels, Angels, bestow your love and support on humanity
For there is much darkness on earth now and the fight between the light and shadow is strong
And there is fear and anxiety in human heart.
Give them your strength and valour to face the world and to seek the truth with in oneself,
For humanity is in the process of making a new world, a world of sharing and equality, compassion & kindness
For a new golden age is being created and a new road is being constructed, and the load is heavy in this making.

Be with them in all their sleep and wakefulness, lest they forget once again, their divine duty,
For the earth has shifted and they need all the support and help they can get in these changing times.