Faith is the Love and Wisdom of God, displayed in action.
Faith cannot be seen, and can only be felt and realized
For faith is like the gentle wind which caresses your hair
But cannot be seen,
And in the knowingness that the air which is caressing you is always around you
Faith carries you in your journey of life through tough times and joyful times.

Faith is the harbinger of peace and tranquility
And when you have faith, you trust and you discover Hope,
For Hope is the bringer of courage and forbearance
And in the knowingness that this too shall pass and a new beginning awaits you.

Faith is like the boat which carries you through the swift currents of a fast moving river
And it is also the sail through which helps you glide during the raging times of your life.
Faith is the bringer of peace during times of calamity, fear
And anxiety and faith acts as an anchor for courage to well up within you,
for all the sorrows and joys are scripted by you and faith helps you to discover the play and the plot you scripted
Long before you were born.

Faith is the courage to cross the street for a little one,
And faith is the courage to take the giant leap into the unknown for an adult,
And faith is also the guiding light which shows the way on a dark night
And faith is the strength to climb the highest mountain
To seek the unknown and discover the new pastures of life.

Humans are explorers by nature and it is faith which, pushed many to discover more of themselves and nature
And the many miracles and beauty you see in this world,
Were all created by the Faith one had in themselves.

Make faith your good friend and companion and explore the many mysteries of life and Universe
And in this you will expand and bloom like a gigantic flower whose fragrance will touch all.

Nature and Faith are synonymous with each other
Each knowing and having faith that everything is in perfection
And Universe is in the continuous process of creation and self-discovery.
Faith is the walking stick which will help you to cross over without fear and doubt,
Knowing fully well that there is only light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust, Courage, Love and Hope all stem from Faith.
Faith lets you soar above the clouds
Hope lets you dream your biggest dreams
Trust lets you roam in your inner strength
Courage lets you turn your dreams into reality
Love lets you experience all that you have created.