In the evening, I gazed at the evening sky and the magnificence of the sky dazzled me
For there were brilliant colours in all shades, bright and beautiful for the eyes to behold.

I wondered whether it is the face of God, in his beauty and glory and I cried in joy
Looking at his beautiful face for it filled me with a deep sense of peace and joy.
I danced in this dazzling beauty to my heart's desire and this filled me with the love
I was waking to and my heart sang a song of gratitude and glory
For I was in the process of discovery of the secrets of the Universe.

I felt humble and serene in this awesome discovery through the beauty of the sunset
I realized, I carry this awesome beauty with in me too and I am the Sun within me
With all its colours and beauty and this was always there in the temple of my body.

Sunset is the forbearer of the beautiful night sky which is in waiting for its beauty to be displayed,
And the gentle night with its indigo colour and beauty heralds the waking up of many of God's creatures
For their day is just beginning.

Welcome all the displays of God in its beauty, for there is purpose in all,
And in uniting all, a grand symphony is created by the Master Musician -God.

Sunset and Sunrise opens the door to a new way and program your body to this beautiful rhythm
For it will enhance your life in making you vital and strong,
For your body needs both of these and your rhythm is set to the changing of this. 

Colours in the sunset and sunrise reminds you of the colours and the intricate patterns you were created from
For there is much secret in the making of you. 
You are a composite of colours, sound, frequency, numbers, patterns & rhythms
All juxtaposed into a beautiful tapestry and if you were to see this from above you,
Your shine will be like the night sky painted with the most glorious colours.

Embrace these colours for they can enhance you and nourish you
And reset your emotions and wellbeing in all your bodies.