Prayer is a science, And in this science there is mystery and magic,
The truth of the Universe is embedded in the prayers
A true prayer is one in which the beings in the prayer is invoked. 
Prayer is a soothing balm for the soul and a comforter in distress
And was intended to be a bringer of hope and solace during troubling and unknown times
When humanity was afraid.

Prayer makes you humble and wise and creates an opening in one's heart
To allow the Divine to appear.
Prayer is one in which one surrenders to the Creator
And listens with one's heart and soul
For there is answer to your queries of every day.

Prayer is like the water which nourishes all the plants and flower kingdoms
It acts as a soothing cream on a wintery and parched skin.
Sing the prayer with devotion and humility
And hear the utterances of the Soul and Creator
In this you will find solutions and miracles.

Prayer is like an ocean current which takes your utterances to the deepest bosom of the Creator,
So that you could be nourished once again

And be reborn once again with the wisdom of one's soul and heart.

Prayer is like the rosary beads, all strung together and held by a single thread,
Prayer acts like a bridge between your soul and your higher power
Prayer is like the beautiful melody of a lute and when sung in harmony it transcends one into the heart of the Universe.

Prayer is the key to one's salvation and freedom for in prayer, you find faith and courage to move on
And prayer acts like a string on a kite which lets you fly to greater heights.
Prayer unites and solidifies and lets you see the illusion & light, by opening your inner vision and inner mind.

Prayer sung in the morning and evening has greater power
For these are powerful times when your body is in harmony with the Universe and its ever-changing motions.
Recite the prayer loud or in silence, but pray nonetheless.
Prayer uttered in devotion and gratitude is the highest form of Prayer
For when you thank the Creator in advance for what you ask,
You already have created in the continuum of time and space
And now it is only a matter of time you draw it forth into your reality.

Pray for yourself
Pray for others
Pray for all of humanity
Pray for Earth and all who are upon it

And in this you will fulfil a part of your divine Dharma