Shadows, Everyone asks what shadow is
Is it a reflection of you or something larger
Or is there a meaning in shadow
And I say to you….it speaks a language and it has a meaning.
Look for the shadows and you will discover its secret beauty.
Like a diamond which is deep hidden and covered with mud and silt
Your shadow self is a genuine diamond offering you glimpses of
life's mysteries veiled in the thin disguise of illusion and forgetfulness.

Embrace the shadows and not cast it asunder,
For you are throwing a great treasure.
In the making of you, light cannot exist without the shadow
Both are complimentary to each other and both have a purpose.
Look at the young ones, they embrace the shadow fully and
laugh with it, cry with it for they own it and in this, they heal it.

Shadows are the harbingers of truth and change
For without shadow, you would not know what the full truth is about,
So, seek the shadow and embrace it and ask it to reveal its secret
And you will discover your hidden gems.

Shadows are not grey and dark, but subtle qualities of you to be embraced and healed,
For in this, you would know your true nature and your true nature is God.
Seek this God with in you and thank the shadow for showing you the way
And as a good friend who shows the right way in the darkness
Shadows can show you the path to one's liberation,
For is this not the purpose of life itself,
To be free once again from the cycles of life, suffering and death?

In the grand journey of life and realization, seek both the beings with in you
Your true self and your shadow self and in the embracing, both
You will both be uplifted and healed and will become one.
Chase away not the shadow self then,
but seek it in the deep recess of your mind and embrace it and love it,
So that, this wound within you is healed and you will set yourself free.

Freedom is what your soul seeks,
For Freedom is another word for God.
Without the night, there is no day and in the same way
Without the shadow, there is no light.