The life force, the life force, one is born with,
And carries within oneself, the key to opening one's inner door,
This door has been shut for a long time and the locks are rusted and dirty
Now it needs to be polished and kept open, for in this new earth,
It is imperative that one awakens to one's own truth
And be one's own guide and teacher and to discard all which does not support in making oneself anew.

This you have vowed when you were born
That you will use this life stream to awaken and open this atomic power within you
And claim your magnificence so that you and the Gods become one.

In the stillness of one's heart, make a request for this power to reveal itself
And the coil of Kundalini will stir from its long sleep and start its upward movement
Through your spinal column, igniting the fire of love and wisdom
So that you may live your life as a master and a humble servant.

Arise, Arise Kundalini, the primordial force within oneself,
Sing to it, Talk to it, and make it your best friend, for
Who can the best friend other than one's own Soul
For your Soul is the super star of your entire being
And it sings and blends its beautiful harmony with the grand orchestra of the world.

Arise, Arise Divine Mother Kundalini, for you are a Goddess in Divinity & Devotion
And there is love and compassion within you and courage and strength to be the Leader once again
To lead the ignorant masses who are still sleeping from eons of time. 

O Merciful one, the Shakti with in me, I bow and surrender to you,
For your embrace gently caresses my soul and heart
I once again believe in myself, my goodness and in the world I live in.
I long to be with you Kundalini Shakti and become an eternal being
To dance on the stars and the sky and on the earth plane,
Without the shadow of illusion following me day and night.

I created this shadow to dance and self-realize and now since am awakened,
I set this shadow aside and see the truth in all, for you have opened my eyes to my inner truth
I will never close it again.

Oh! Mother of all, I bow and honour you, for your immense strength now
Acts like a strong beacon of light in this dark world
Now I carry the mantle of truth and wisdom with in me and this will be my new walking stick.

Blessed Mother, I embrace you with the love and sacredness of my heart and I become you
The lover has joined the lover and I have become whole once again,
Neither a man nor a woman, but a being of FULLNESS.