What is a Family, is it a collection of people?
Or is it something larger?
What is the meaning of family?
Is to support one another or to enhance and share with one another?
Your family is who you are,
For all the people in your family
You have called upon, and you have known them all along
Not only in this life time, but over several times
Each changing and sometimes reversing the roles,
For you wanted to experience all of it,
Being a father, being a mother, being an uncle, being a grandpa, being a girl, being an elder
brother, and all of it,
So, you asked everybody in your family to come together in this life time to play,
To balance and to love and discover and create more of your experience.
Honour your family, all of them,
Yes, sometimes they are the tough task masters,
And sometimes they are the one's who give you the greatest pain and cause you great sorrow,
For in rebalancing and linking between you both,
All of you awaken the Love quotient with in you and this love may touch them, who give you
For they would have forgotten who they are while causing you grief and sorrow
And through your love they will awaken and your entire family be healed.
This is the purpose of Family, to celebrate, sing and dance
and to re-calibrate the grand love one has for another,
For in this, you Celebrate God, the Creator within You.