Self Realization

Like a snake shedding its skin, I decided today, this moment
To shed my old, for my old was contracting me, binding me, limiting me and so I decided today,
This house I lived, does not support me anymore, in who I want to be
For it has become a prison cell and not a place of joy and freedom.
So, I decided to seek green pastures and I stepped out into the Void and there was darkness.
Oh Boy, was I scared? I was.

I was tested, stripped naked of all things in this void which I thought belonged to me
And it was my treasured possessions collected over many life times and which I held dearly.
I stood alone, shivering in this darkness and devoid of all my possessions,
For I realized in this new land, I cannot carry my old baggage and I must travel light.
I started shedding the remnants of my past which I was still carrying with in me.
And a voice inside me told me to look deep into my being and search and see what I still held
And which I have not released.

I looked deep and what did I find,
I was carrying the energies of Expectations and the voice told me to release expectations
And I cried and said NOOOOOOOOOO, because this was the last thread reminding me to my

Then I saw a sign in front of me - NO ADMITTANCE with old baggage.
I reluctantly let go of my expectations and I shivered in thought, for what was on the other side
of the gate
I was afraid of the Unknown. My legs were paralyzed with fear.
Then I heard a commanding and booming voice telling me to MOVE
And as if a force had pushed me, I felt pulled in front of this gate
And then I cut all the remnants of any residual energy still with in me,
Like magic, the gates flew open and I heard a little voice asking me - why have you come Holy
One, What brought you here Holy One,
I answered, I have come to join with the Holiness that I am and to wear the Crown of my Truth
and Glory once again.
Then I heard the voice - You May now Enter Holy One.
I saw a path in front of me and I was in a holy and sacred place
I kept on walking on this path and I felt lighter and lighter as I walked on.
I noticed that this path had many crisscrossing roads, many flyovers and it is leading me
And in this knowingness, I walked forward and what do I see,
This path was leading me into my own Heart, but this time clothed in the New Me.
My Heart, My Heart

My Home, My Home
My Sweet Home, My Sweet Home
My Eternal Home