Animals and Birds are the angels sent by God to support human beings
And when you look into their eyes, what do you see? God/Universe
For they are the children of God come here to brighten and support humanity
For they know, they can be an anchor for the sleeping humanity, and through their love,
Humanity may once again awaken from the deep slumber.
In their eagerness to help the sleeping humanity they gave up the comfort of their home and
And volunteer to come here knowing full well that they will be scorned and lynched by the

sleeping humans,
But their love was so much that, they said, we will volunteer going to earth
For a call was put out by the Creator, for all to come
And they came to support all of us.
Honour them for who they are, a beautiful & kindred Soul
In service to humanity and earth.
Earth is a paradise with many varieties and beauties and the birds and animals enhance this
beauty with their divine presence.
Have you ever stood still and watched the exquisite dance of the Peacock or the
Prancing of the little kittens and what do you see,
Innocence and beauty, all rolled into one.

All of creation is here to support you in your journey of self-discovery
And when you acknowledge it, make it your truth, you will sing their praise and be wowed by
their tenderness and light heartedness
And then you will kindle once again, your own tenderness and innocence and then the circle will
be complete.
They are the teachers of humanity in the gentlest way.
Observe them and see how they interact with one another,
How they share with one another and how they create a community in which their young ones
can grow and mature.
Listen to their songs and watch their play for there is meaning in that,
For they are modelling a different life style for you to emulate and practice
And in this you will find peace, joy and harmony.
The little winged ones - you call butterfly,
Are they not magnificent & delicate in their exquisite colours
And in their being around, they spread the original energy of Love which was seeded into the
Before human beings ever set foot on this earth.
Observe the little one you call Bambi and what do you see, Pure beauty and purest form of love,

for these two beings - butterfly and the bambi were some of the first two beings to come to the

Honour, Honour all
For they are the Master Teachers, of values and sharing
And if you observe you will see that they do not take more than they need
And also they only take what they put in and hence the circle of life is complete.