Children are God in disguise clothed in a small body
And their presence in your life uplifts you and encourages you
To be like them once again, for in their innocence
they are displaying the qualities of God itself, of love, laughter & full self-expression in the
moment of now.
Honour them
For they have chosen you to be their blessed parents,
For it was destiny that brought you together
And in their knowingness, they have willingly come into your home and life
For they are Master Teachers and great thinkers.
Children are of many and varied, and they come from far
From the outer space, the farthest reaches of the Universe
Bringing with them their special & unique gifts and talents
And, wise are those parents, who know are there for them in their growing years.
Make them your friends and hold them in respect,
And they will in turn do the same for you and others
For they are wise beyond their years and they have come here carrying a heavy burden,
The burden to lift the darkness from Earth and this they will do
Through their inner knowing and new ideas.
So, make way for them and support them in their path
For they are the peacemakers of tomorrow, for the new ones do not carry the past imprint of
their fathers and other ancients,
For they have come with a clean slate and a clean mind.
Give them the space to be who they are and given time and space,
They will bloom like a beautiful flower
And each petal of the flower will carry a new blue print for the awakening humanity.
Honour them, Honour them, for they are your tomorrow's adults,
And in your nurturance of them, you will heal your own wounds
And your own inner child will make peace within yourself.
Welcome them into your life and home,
For they are a bundle of joy, laughter and mischief
And being with them, you will forget your worries and sorrow,
If only for a moment and you will again discover HOPE in your heart.