Heart & Mind

Like the Bow and String are both needed to play beautiful music on a violin,
I realized that my Heart and Mind are both needed for me to
Play my beautiful music on Earth
In my search for Myself I had discarded my mind fully
Believing in some one's teachings that only when you
Discard your mind, you can know yourself and bring me to
The place I was going to.
But now I realized on my journey that my heart led me only in one way,
But when I combined it with my mind I realized that I could go in many ways.
Then I realized that I need both on my journey and so wholeheartedly
I embraced my MIND and my HEART
And when I did this, True magic began to happen,
I realized that my mind was also deeply DIVINE AND HOLY AS MY HEART WAS,
And when I use it in mindfulness, I can create divine experiences
And from these Divine Experience, all Experiences are created.
My prayer for today is
My Mind is pure and holy
And my holy mind produces Divine and pure thoughts
And from these pure thoughts are created pure energy
And from this pure energy I create and experience who I am.
Embracing Divine Mind = Embracing Pure Creation Energy = Manifestation