Rose said to itself, I am beauty and beautiful,
And it looked at its neighboring flower and said
It is as beautiful as me
She looked over the other side in the garden
And the flowers in the garden were beautiful too
Then She went to the edge of the garden and all the flowers in there were beautiful too
Then She wondered is everything as beautiful as me
and her heart said

Then asked her Spirit
Who and what created this beauty
And the answer was pure and simple
And it whispered it was created by LOVE
Now the Rose understood

And asked whether she can share her beauty and love with others so that they may see their
own Beauty and Love
And her Spirit said with a resounding YES.
That is how the Rose was chosen to be the symbol of LOVE
Then I heard the heart whisper again
and this time it was profound. It said
You are Love
We are Love
Us are Love
They are Love
You and Me - we breathe LOVE

Love to Live
Live to LOVE
Love to BE