The Home is where I came from, the Home is where I return
I wondered aloud, what is Home and I heard
Home is where the Heart and Love exists
I asked does my home have a name and the answer was God
Now I know my home is my God and God is my home
In this knowingness, I sat in silence and contemplation
And then I noticed that my home is not a place, but a feeling, an inner knowing
And I wondered how much time I can stay in my home/in my knowingness
And the answer was forever, for eternity
And I heard a voice say - in staying of eternity,
You would not know what eternity or God means
For there will be nothing other than Eternity/God
So, I asked to know Eternity/God/Home,
Do I need to step out of my home and the answer wasYes,
For only in the Relative you can know the Absolute.
Now I paused to wonder and realized that in the absence of anything
I cannot experience the other,
And now I realized the true meaning of Yin and Yang within me
And I realized my home is made up of me/the me
As a man and as a woman
Now I know I am neither Man nor Woman
I am Eternal Being - I am Pure Form
This is my eternal Home
where I return again and again.