In the Garden of my Heart, I realized there is eternal beauty
And I set myself to find it but I could not see it
For it seemed like it was evading me,
Although the fragrance from the garden was filling my senses
And I wondered will I ever find my inner garden?
I kept on looking knowing that if I kept on looking I will find it
And I looked harder and harder but it always seemed to evade me
And in my frustration and anger
I cried aloud - I give up, I give up, I give up.
I sat in silence and agony and I felt like a failure
And started to cry, tears rolled down my cheeks
And as I tasted the salt in my tears, I gently closed my eyes and laid down
Then I had this dream, and in the dream,
I was running around and I met this wise man on the street
I asked him, How can I find the flowers of my garden
And find my eternal beauty, and he replied he does not know
And asked me to go and talk to the trees
I ran to the tree and asked the same question and the tree answered go with in and find it
I said, I did, but did not find, and the tree said go back and look deep with in
And ask it to be revealed and I did as guided by the tree
What did I find,
The most beautiful garden sparkling with the jewels of my heart
Each sparkling like a beautiful diamond in varying colours
Creating a magnificent tapestry
And I asked, is it me and the Garden answered, Yes, it is you and has been there for eternity.
Now I understood and in this understanding, I embraced myself fully
I realized that I am the Garden and all of it
I am the Eternity and I am All of it.