Dreams, Dreams, Dreams,What are they, I wondered,
For it crisscrosses my mind without any rules or patterns
I wondered what it is all about and where it came from and where is it going.
So, I set out to find out its mystery
For I wanted to solve this, and I have heard others say the same
what does it mean? Like a warrior dressed in battle gear,
I dressed up in my foolish ego based knowledge and said aloud,
‘I am going to find out what dreams are all about and I am going to tell all
And all will rejoice in this knowingness and be free of this incoherent images and thoughts
crossing one's mind during sleep time.
When I took the first step in this never land/this magical land to find the source of my dreams,
I was told, drop your battle gear and I reluctantly let go of what I know or read about dreams
And then I was asked, to empty my mind
And this I do to the best of my ability
And then I was escorted into the dream factory where all dreams are created and sent forth.
It was a magical land indeed, with many beings poring over charts, diagrams, blue prints

And looking over many codes and numbers and they were all busy and I asked one of them
what is this place?
I was told that I am witnessing the creation of dreams and these dreams will be sent forth
Into each person's subconscious mind while they are sleeping
Each dream has a meaning and great substance to it and the one who know to decode this, will
be a great master,
For dreams are Teachers and are here to support us in our daily life.
I took it all in and was amazed at the beauty and the intricate network through which dreams are
created to support us.
Then I asked, who created all this and I was told that it is created by Myself along with my
supporting energies.
Now I understood and before I left I asked one final question
Can I use it to find Myself and Love myself with my dreams?
And I got the answer Yes.
So, when I came back, I talked to the spirit of dreams
And I asked to be shown how to know and experience me fully and love myself fully
And I was asked to talk to them before I went to sleep
And request the dreams to be programmed into making what I want to create.
This I started doing and I started creating magic and miracles in my life.
I invite you to do so.