Tears, Tears, Tears,
what are they?
Is it an indication of sorrow or something else?
Tears are the purifying balm of One's Soul
For in tearing, one cleanses and purifies one's heart and soul,
One nourishes one's soul and the trueness of onself is revealed.
So, do not say No to tears, welcome it, embrace it
for it is a great balm and nurturing energy.
Tears can wipe away one's sins,
Tears can heal and forgive
Tears can unite and become strong once again,
Tears can ignite long lost dreams
Tears can bring hope and love into one's life.
Tears are of many, for there are
Tears of sadness
Tears of joy and laughter
Tears of remembrance
tTars of forgiveness and reconciliation.
All tears originate from one's heart and it should be released and not held tight
For in releasing one will find freedom and joy.
Tears breaks open a hardened heart and mind and truth and compassion can sweep in
Tears waters a malnourished and parched soul
And tears if allowed to flow freely, will lead one
Into one's own beautiful garden and you will discover your inner beauty.
So, take time and make a place to tear once a week/once a month,
And make it an exercise in self-discovery.
In remembering past hurts and sorrows, and through sharing and tearing,
You will release these deep seated emotions and make space for healing and love to enter.
I welcome you to do so and I will be with you.