In the notebook of life, I decided to draw a sketch of me
and myself and I soon discovered that this notebook
was not enough for me, for I was bigger than the notebook
and there was no large canvas in this entire world to contain me and myself.
So I wondered, who am I this big being not fitting into any thing I can conceive of
and pondered over this and then came the magic word in my mind,
You are that You are and you are everything.

I did not know what it meant and I sat in silence contemplating this
and again the magic word popped into my mind and said
you are the Universe itself and also the tiniest particle of the atom itself,
tinier than the head of a pin.
You are a three part being of body, mind and soul
and in this three part you are the essence of the Uruum, Thurrum and Maruum itself.

I asked again, what does it mean and the magic word
jumped out of mouth - Light and Vibration.
I wondered, am I light and Vibration and if so
how can I experience it and be it and the magic word
again popped up and said - be out of it and then you can be it and experience it.

My mind could not comprehend all of this and then my body said,
step out of the mind for a moment and you will experience eternity
and in this you will experience all three - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
for you are this three - emptiness, creation and dissolution so that
you can come back and be the emptiness itself from which you came.

All this I wrote in my notebook of eternity and I became the Notebook and
I became the eternity and all.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran