Teach, teach, teach,
For in teaching, one learns oneself, for it is the purpose of teaching,
In teaching, one knows oneself and in knowing oneself, one expresses oneself fully
And in this expression, one re-discovers oneself and the circle is completed.
The teacher and the student becomes one
Teacher is one who joins the heart and minds of one,
Not only of his students, but all of humanity and first of all within himself
And this he demonstrates, moment by moment through his expressions of life and love
And in this expression, he exhibits his Mastery,
For you all have come to master your life and be a source for others to master their life too,
So, do not withhold your knowingness and wisdom and in so doing so,
You are breaking an ancient code - that says –
Those who come sincerely, I will share with them all that I know,
And in shutting out sharing, you are denying yourself, for there is no other than yourself.
Share your knowledge, wisdom and love with all,
For all are parts of you,
Never deny a parched soul, seeking truth,
For you would have committed a grave injustice.
Have not the wise elders shared with you all the truths,
They have discovered and experienced
And in this sharing they have elevated themselves and others and Earth Spirit.
So, I ask you all teachers, share your wisdom,
For only in sharing, can you be called Teachers and Masters.
There are many lost souls seeking freedom, seek them and share freely.
Do not be in your ego mind and shut out those who come, only to curse and cast them away,
For in doing so, you have de-elevated into their status.
Do not sit on a golden throne and do not be in the glory of it all,
In the ill-mannered worships and devotions of a sleeping humanity,
But rise above it and be a gentle soul and mingle and be with all
Just as they are and in so doing, you will exhibit your Mastery in Teaching.