Death is the great consoler
Death is the great liberator
Death is freedom
Death is re-union
Death is going home
Death is comforting
Death is re-joining and remembeing
There is no death, only parting of certain ways and experiences
When you decide it is time to go, to create and play in another landscape
You leave your body and say goodbye.
Only in doing so, can you create a new play,
With new actors and some old actors and all in a new setting,
For you are in the eternal process of Self Discovery and Expansion.
So, do not greave death, celebrate in the return,
For in holding on to the grief of someone who has left the body,
You are denying them the forward movement
And in so doing you are only fulfilling a part of your bruised ego,
For in not letting go, you are holding them back on their journey
And this you do so to fulfil an agenda of your's and not theirs,
So, let them go in the knowing that they are well and they have chosen to exit now.
Death is a mystery and enigma for many, for in not knowing what death is, they wallow shallow.
Death is a doorway to another reality and what you carry through this doorway
When you exit creates your reality in the new arena,
So, prepare for your death every day,
For it can occur any moment in time and so the big question is
What are you carrying back when you exit?
Welcome Death with open arms as you welcome Birth