In the midst of my sorry, I lifted my head and peeked into the darkness,
Into the emptiness and I begged for release and freedom,
For my heart was aching much. Tears flowed in endless streams
And I clutched at the last ray of hope knowing that this too shall pass.
But in my mind, I saw only empty abyss and I wondered,
Why did he leave me abruptly,
And did I slight him or hurt him that he has to take leave of me,
And in my despair, I conjured all scenarios which I played again and again in my heart
And my tormented heart sang a song of deep despair and I felt as though nature was weeping
with me,
The trees and the plants and the flowers and all of it,
For he was my bosom friend and lover and a friend to all –
Nature and everything agonized in his parting.
In my anguish, I cried out with folded palms to my God
Who I know and worship, begging and pleading to bring my lover back
And My God just stared at me in mute
I pleaded with him and asked him again,
And I promised, I would do anything to get him back and again there was no answer, only utter silence.

In my torment and sorrow, sleep seemed a welcome relief
And I gently closed my eyes and went into a deep state
And then my beloved appeared as if in a dream and whispered in my ear,
I am with you always, I have never left you, and I cannot leave you,
For you and I are joined together in this eternal dance of life and death and rebirth,
So, rejoice my beloved that I shall be with you again and again
And your every thought and word shall reach me at the speed of light, for we are One, Always
and Is.