Friendship are the bridges through which one can easily cross the troubled waters of life
And a true friend is one who is not only there for you in times of good and bad,
But who is there is to point out and remind you of who you truly are.
True friends see your soul and not just your body and personality and they neither judge nor

For they know you are a work in progress and an ever growing entity.
Treasure your good friends and discard those friends who are in vain & vanity
And looking for a shoulder to lean on draining you and themselves.
Seek your friendship not to fill your emptiness, but to share your fullness and sharing,
For in this, you will regain more.
In the world of duality, you live in, you will always see and come across many types of friends,
And some will be in human form and others in other life forms,
Discard not all, for, there can be friendship and growth among human beings, four legged
creatures and the entire nature.
In friendship, you grow and your heart expands
And in this expansiveness, you learn to experience Love in its fullest,
For when there is no love in a human being, either for himself or for anybody, then he can turn
into a monster.
Cultivate this love through your friends and your Soul for they are the same in differing and
varying degrees.
In the waking up of the soul, you will seek and find your soul friends with whom you have shared
much past
In past realities and in this reunion in this life time,
Will awaken the abundant love you had for each other
And it will fulfil a part of your divine destiny.
Friendships nourishes not only your soul, but your entire wellbeing,
For in the waking up of divinity with in you through deep friendship,
The grass is nourished under your feet and the earth is uplifted,
For you are a dear friend to Mother Earth
And you have come here to nourish and support her through your friendship and love.