Like a lover who looked into his beloved's eye and said, how beautiful & magnificent you are,
For I see the beauty in your eyes and smell the sweet fragrance of you
And my lover looked into my eyes holding my palms and locking into it,
and whispered in my ear - You are beautiful too.
But I could not see it, and in my denial, I lost my senses and connection to myself
And again my lover whispered in my ear - you are magnificent.
I stood still soaking it all in and then I looked up at the night sky
And the stars were gazing upon us with its loving intensity
And then I saw a shooting star sending a message stating that what my lover said was true

I felt the stirrings in my heart magnify and I held my beloved in my arms
And kissed her tender and sensuous lips, and caressed her tender breasts
And drank the love she offered me from her full cup.
I was in ecstasy, for I was making love to my beloved.
I danced in the sacredness of his holy union for it was a moment in eternity
And the moon looked at us and winked at us and the stars were celebrating
And the Universe was singing its holy melody and was rejoicing
For I have joined in this ecstasy of union with my beloved self
And I call this beloved self my Holy Divine.