A sudden jolt bolted me out of my deep slumber
And I opened my eyes wide awake in disgust and fear,
Wondered what was it that shook me from my deep sleep,
And then I saw a being standing at the foot of my bed with the most gentle face
And with a smile like the most innocent child,
And asked me, my child, come with me, for we are waiting
And have been here for a long time to remember and come back home.
In my delusion and stupor, I felt like I was in a dream and in the dream,
I followed the being who was beckoning me, without knowing where I was going.
I kept on walking and then I was led into a vast mansion with many chambers

And I asked the being who was with me, who are you?
And they answered We are your Guides,
And we have been with you, watching you and guiding you
Over the many life journeys through all time and space.
I stood in silence and awe wondering how I could not have noticed them before
And before this thought could be finished, they answered, do not admonish yourself
And the past does not matter, for you are in the process of creation of a grand future.
Then I asked what are these chambers for and they answered,
They are yours to enter for they are the chambers of peace, abundance, creativity, wisdom,
strength and courage
And then I asked who placed it there and again I was given the answer - Myself.
In humbleness and humility, I entered each chamber and was engulfed with the most blessed
feeling I ever had
And each chamber filled me with the blessed memories of my Soul and Heart and I wept in
remembrance of ME.
Now I asked the being who showed me these chambers, can I take the essence of these with
me back,
And I was told, it is yours for the asking.
So, I decided to gather as many essences from these chambers,
And each time I gathered, it felt heavier and heavier and I wondered why,
And I was given the answer that you are not able to carry it because you are already full
And there is no space for any new things and in order for me to carry these beautiful essences,
I will have to empty first, all what I know and believe in
And adjust my thoughts and emotions and heal my wounds and forgive and forget those who I
felt harmed me
And I have to bathe in the pure light of LOVE and adorn my new clothes in Divinity.
This I felt to be a heavy burden and I asked then is there a simple way for me to embody these
And I was told Wisdom erases and balances all energy.

Now I understood and I decided to discard all that does not serve me in any more in my new Me
And when I did this, effortlessly and easily the full essences of the chambers filled me up and I
wept with Joy and Gratitude.

The being then said - Now it is yours, share it freely and abundantly and your cup will never run
for now you carry the essence of one who created this all - YOU and GOD.