Infinity is your true essence,
A being with out a beginning and an end,
In the endless cycles of different expressions of life manifesting
In various forms on the earth and the stars,
You are the formless one and non-describable one
For you are infinite and infinity cannot be explained, but only can be felt with in oneself.
In the continuum of life, different moments may seem like eternity
And time may look like it has stood still, but in reality, you are moving and growing
With the invisible rays of the stars & sun
And like the bamboo which does not seem to grow much of its time on the land,
And in no time, it grows tall and healthy and lays still for all to gaze and wonder.
In the similar way, since you are infinite, your growth is assured as long as you get out of your
own way
And allow the natural process to take place.
The Universe and everything else in it grows naturally
Following each perfected plan in the bosom of its creation
And like a dancer who dances gracefully following the melody, your life will unfold in its eternity
when you allow it.
Eternity is not what you seek, for it is you,
You seek expressions of oneself in this Eternal Now Moment
And in this, you will experience the grander part of you, the divine part of you,
And you become one with the Universe.
The Universe is you and everything you see is part of your eternal existence.
The stars you see in the night sky, the sun and the moon,
The planets orbiting the sun are all part of your eternal existence.
Being in the present moment fully will help you to experience glimpses of this eternality
And when you combine it with your silence and meditation, you will live in this Eternal Moment
And this is where you will fully find yourself.
This is where the Worshipped and the Worshipper becomes one.
Sneha Tali Mali Om