Sweet Home

One day in my childlike innocence and wonder, I looked up at the night sky and asked what is
up there,
Which is beyond the clouds, beyond the stars and beyond and beyond.
And my heart gently whispered, it is you my little one,
You are this vastness, emptiness, beyond and beyond.
And I asked again what is beyond that & the answer was You and Me and God
And I asked who is God and my heart gently whispered
It is you and others and all else combined together in wholeness
And then I asked if I Am that All That Is, how can I experience that & my heart gently answered
In stillness you will experience this and More and then I asked what is that
And the answer was which is Not and that what was Not
And I asked is this the place I came from
And the answer was from which is not and which was not you were birthed and then I asked,
where am I going
And my heart gently answered, you are going home
And I asked where is my home and my heart whispered, in Love you will discover and
experience Home.
I longed for this home of mine and I knew that it was with in me,
And then I made it my mission to find and be in my home for eternity
And when I made this request from my entire being and from my fullness of my being,
The doors of my home swung open gently and invited me to enter and I have been there ever
Everyone has a home with in, go find it, for it is a place of goodness and plenty,
Plenty in peace and joy and love and in this knowingness you will celebrate the Creator,
Who birthed you from his loving heart.
So I invite all of you to journey into your home for once you find it, you will never want to leave it,
and all your lives have prepared you for this moment when you will return home.