My heart one day asked me,Who am I
And I answered, I am everything
And I asked what is everything, And I answered All That is
And I asked what does it mean? And I answered You will know
What is that I asked, And I answered
In stillness, you will know and discover.
So, I sat in stillness And I heard the rain talking to me, The wind talking to me
And I asked them, Who are you And they collectively answered,
We are YOU.
My mind could not comprehend And I asked again
And the answer was Go with in
And I asked how do I do that? And the answer was the same,
Go with in and Be Still.
So, I practiced Stillness
Then not only the rain and the wind spoke to me, But all of Creation.
Then I realized that, I was the Creation & I was talking to myself All the time.
I am Yod and Vae
I am Shiva and Shakti,
I am the Son, Father and the Holy Ghost,
I am the Soul, the Monad and I am Presence.
I am that I Am, I will be that I Am, I shall be that I Am.
I am All of Creation and the Created,
For I am pure energy
I am the emptiness, from which all Creations comes forth,
I am the primordial force
I am the clay which is used to manifest all
For I am All of It, the Beginning and the End and the Eternality of it.
I am, I am, I am. Soul