Sorrow is grief bottled inside, get it out and cleanse it
With the cleanser of Love and Forgiveness
For sorrow, can drown you in misery and apathy and you end up playing the victim game.
Arise from your slumber and take the reins of your life in your hands and move forward
For if you wallow in sorrow and stay there, you will get drowned in it and in your self-pity.
Arise, brave ones, for you are a warrior of light, come here to fight the darkness of ignorance
and delusion,
Wear the mantle of truth and wisdom for this exists in your heart.
Claim it, Own and Live it
For this is the way of the Light Warrior, the one who shows the way for others to follow.
So, do not stay in your grief and sorrow
For there is nothing you can achieve by being in it for so long,
It will only drain you of your life force and your vitality.
There is immense strength and courage inside you, go deep within and pluck these qualities
which are part of your soul and arise once again like the Phoenix and spread your mighty wings
And roar again in the magnificent sky,
For you are dear and beautiful and the world is waiting for your gift once again.
So, arise, arise, my broken hearted one, there is help if you ask,
For your Soul is Mighty indeed, imbued with all the qualities of God.
So, you cannot fail nor loose, So, Arise, Arise my little one
And fly once again by spreading your wings.