Soul is the beautiful essence of who you are
and the light of the soul is as bright as the Sun
birthed from the heart of the creator in its magnificence
imbibed with the choice of Free Will
to create and experience its heart's desire.

Soul in its magnificence wanted to experience
it self and the creative energy it was, and it happily came to the earth,
the planet of free choice, to draw its magnificence in the great canvas of life
and it chose the palette of colours and the different paint brush it needs
to paint on the canvas of life itself and happily and merrily, it descended
into the earth where it was met by other similar beings who were also
creating their own magnificence on the canvas.

Such was the desire of the soul to experience itself, it
chose its garment of body shape and body colour, and chose the
place in which it can create the greatest beauty.

Then the great darkness started appearing and this darkness
grew in size and strength and it frightened the soul and
it forgot its desire and got lost and wandered for eons of time
till another beautiful soul stepped into its presence and
reminded once again, its original desire to create beauty and
paint on the canvas of life.

In its search once again to find its desire, it needed to go into
self induced darkness once again and not eat and go into a cocoon
for a set time and this frightened the soul and it backed out many time,
with out knowing that with out the darkness, there can be no light
and when it understood this, it willingly moved into the darkness and
sat there in silence waiting for the miracle to happen
and happen it did, for a beautiful winged creature sprang forth from the cocoon
and the soul felt free and joyous.

Little Soul, Little Soul, share your story with all so that
you may be a stepping ladder for all to climb and be an
inspiration to all, for your beauty, many will want to emulate
and become, and in this you become once again the light house that you are.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran