Silence and Solitude

Solitude is the divine place where one finds one's core and essence
And it is also a place where one finds peace & contentment.
Seek this place daily for in this you are communicating with your beloved Self.
Your twin flame of Love is only found in solitude and contemplation,
For all of you seek this twin flame at the deepest part of your being
And all your life you search for it and everything you do,
You do to find this true love of yours.
You yearn for it and search for it far and wide
And this drives you in all things you do, this re-union with one's beloved,
But alas, it will be found only in one's silent contemplation and solitude.
Seek not solitude to run or hide from the world, nor as an escape route to bury your sorrows,
But seek it to fulfil your heart,
For in this solitude there is the nectar of one's love and it stands ready to pour into your hands
and soul
So that you will quench this everlasting thirst.
Seek solitude to commune with your Beloved
For in this communion, you will find yourself and all of nature itself
And the Universal melody will fill your heart with.
Solitude is the giver of peace & creativity and also the bringer of good health and cheerfulness
Solitude is also the way of the Divine to commune with you
For the Divine seeks to commune with you as much as you wish to commune with the Divine
In solitude, you will hear the gentle whisper of the night sky and the symphony of the shooting
And the gigantic roar of the northern lights and the heartbeat of Mother Earth
For all are alive and waiting for you to sing to you the heavenly melody which will fill you.
In the silence of solitude, you believe that there is no sound, but the nature is sound itself
For nature, you and the Universe were created by the sound sung in silence.
Some of your inspired musicians know this and they composed this famous song - Sound of
So, seek solitude and silence and not be afraid of it
For it is your friend and great benefactor.
Seek it and be with it and you will join the royal chorus of Gods and Goddess