Seasons are like colours in a palate, with many hues of colours & sound
With each passing day, a new silhouette is formed with the majestic beauty of the Earth
And in this wondrous beauty, the nature dances once again to the rhythm of life itself.
Nature is God in Beauty and action & the nature sings a beautiful lullaby
And if you stood still, you will hear this beautiful melody and you will sing along with it
For there is harmony and peace in it.
Be one with the nature and earth, for there is much more than you are able to see &
For the nature is a grand orchestra in the ever eternal moment of producing its heart filling
symphony so that,
All in its body may rejoice and dance to this holy music.
Seasons are like a lover's paradise where each moment is eternal and glorious
And where time stands still and one can be in this stillness and know oneself & of God with in.
Seasons are the golden canvas where Mother Earth paints her gorgeous canvas
With its exquisite colours on the leaves and the sky
And each colour & hues produces a scintillating aroma of flavour which uplifts one's hearts and
So come on out and play with the changing seasons and be one with it
And join in the chorus of the holy melody produced by the changing seasons.
In Summer, the canvas is mostly made of blue and white,
In Autumn, the canvas is of brilliant soft orange and yellow,
In Winter the canvas is painted with soft grey and pale white
In Spring, the canvas comes alive with all its beauty of all colours and sounds of the Universe.
Seasons are the play ground of all the little ones, from the bees and butterflies to the dragon
flies and the birds
For without the seasons, life would become monotonous and a drag,
So welcome the changing of Season with your sown dance and song
And you will celebrate in the Creation of Life itself by God.