What is Marriage, Is it a holy re-union and if not, what it is?
Marriage is a re-kindling of old souls coming together once again
To rejoice in the reunion of One's Soul
For in this dance of life, through this re-union you will discover more of who you are and who
your partner is?
Therefore, seek not your holy partner to fulfil you
But rather give space for your partner to grow and fulfil himself or herself,
For you both are of sacred divinity clothed in a human body.
Seek not your partner to be in service of you,
But to be in service to others through you and to God
For in this you both will fulfil the purpose of this Holy Reunion.
You both have danced the life of man and woman many a time through this Universe and
And now in this dance in this life time, Be the dancer and the Dance
Be the music, dance, merriment and all of it and should this end,
Be not in sorrow, for this was a dance and play only and all dances and play has an end and a
The dance between two souls never ends, but takes on different forms, that is all.
For the soul seeks a new dance with a new rhythm and a new melody in each of its new life
So be in the moment of this sacred dance and holy re-union,
For it may go in a flash or vanish, So, do not possess it, nor be afraid to lose it,
but embrace it fully in the present MOMENT OF NOW.