Money, Money, everyone wants money, and they toil, fight, steal &even kill for it.
But what is money, other than a form of exchange and that is all to it,
For money is not who you are nor will you ever be.
Enjoy money and celebrate money, but never become it,
For in becoming you will degrade your divinity and glory,
Money is simply a commodity to be shared freely and easily, not be hoarded and hidden,
For the Universe is abundant & when you know this, you will loosen the grip on this corruptible
For you will know that there is plenty for every one and every time
And it never runs dry.
In this you will find freedom and liberation, for your whole life is geared towards making money,
From the time you are born, you are taught to be competitive &smart and when you do this,
You can become successful and life will be plenty with money and all other possessions.
In this process, you have taken away the innocence of the little ones and they grow up in the
That they have to fight and compete to get to the top and this they pass on to their offspring
And the cycle continues again and again.
Is there a way to stop this madness now fully enveloping the world, and the answer is Yes, Yes,
Stop being possessed by Money for when you are possessed by it,
You will become a slave to it
See it as what it is for, A means of exchange & that is all & In this you will find freedom.
Yes, you need to survive in this world and for this you need money,
And if you were to look at your life in this present moment,
You will see that you have enough to survive and move into the next moment
And you will notice that you always had everything to survive,
And all else you thought you need to survive was only an illusion
Aand this illusion came from your mind believing that you NEED something to survive.
Ponder on this my brothers and sisters and you will see
the futility of it all in the race to succeed and accumulate.