Love is the gentle wind which gently caress one's cheek and hair
Never seen, but always felt and touched and uplifted.
But what is Love?
And people say it is a feeling, an emotion, a thought
And I say it is all this and more, And I say
Love is Silence
Love is Wisdom
Love is Action
Love is Divine Timing.
I set out to practice the four virtues of Love and I wondered, how love can be silence
And in silence I heard, it is true,
I wondered how is Love wisdom
And in silence I heard, it is true,
For in having wisdom, one expresses Love in its many forms.
This I understood and I asked how is Love in Action
And I heard, the expression Caring and it is through caring actions,
Love is expressed also.
This I fully grasped and I wondered how is Love in Divine Timings,
Aand I heard when we combine the first three attributes of Love,
Then one is able to express it in the most appropriate and Divine timings in the manner and
In which it will be most accepted and appreciated.
Then I wondered, is there a God for Love - for Human Love and Divine Love
and the Answer was Love itself,
For Love has another name and it is