Love is like the fragrance of a beautiful flower, it uplifts everyone who is around.
Love is simple and pure, for it does not have ego or need, it just is.
You are this Love and this love just permeates its beautiful scent without opening its mouth to
say anything.

It just is.
You know this love fully well, for you were created by it and sustained by it
And you are fed this love during your sleep time by your divine Soul and your Guides.
Seek this love out, for it is embedded into your cells and skins
And when you open it, you will never close it again,
For it will Nourish, Sustain and Feed you.
Your soul is fed by it and it sings its glory in all its ways,
through dance, song, music, paintings and through the singing of birds and the humming of bees

Through the laughter of children and the gentle touch of a loved one, on your shoulder,
And the gentle whisper or a rightful glance from a lover.
You see this love in nature aplenty in all its glory
And you also see this love in the velvety night sky with its shining stars,
And in the majestic mountains with its immense and gigantic Trees, Rocks, the swimming
Dolphins and Whales and all others.
The entire cosmos dances to this Love
For the Cosmos was made of this Love
And it is this Love which sustains it and makes it grow forever forward.
Dance to this Love and you will Dance to Life